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Fresh Blood
I really need to clean my windshield.  (Taken with instagram) View high resolution

I really need to clean my windshield. (Taken with instagram)

As far as the Tucson/Loughner shooting goes, all I have to say is this: it was the act of a disturbed individual who prematurely ended the lives of six people, including a 9-year-old girl. Regardless of anyone’s political opinions of it, it’s a tragedy.

HOWEVER, shame on you, Sarah Palin, for backpedaling and deleting your ‘don’t retreat, reload’ posts and trying to say you weren’t responsible in the slightest. Posting a map with crosshairs over congresspeople who disagreed with your stance is HIGHLY irresponsible from someone of your power, and even more irresponsible that you refuse to own up to it. If that image and those posts really had no part in inciting this attack, then why backpedal? Stick to your guns and don’t erase all trace of that campaign, or erase it and own up to your error in judgment. You can’t delete everything then say it was harmless. Those two actions conflict.

Make up your goddamn mind, woman.

Forward Motion

Was it really so long ago that you used to be alright?

It seems like only yesterday you had a plan; not an all-encapsulating plan, but a general idea. You knew what you wanted to experience in this world, and you knew how you were going to do it.

But slowly things changed - and with them, your plans. You sat and watched helplessly as the simple joys were removed from your life. You were conditioned by those above you to a stable life. Slower and more calculated, you moved at a “better” pace.

Quietly, you redefined your ideas of happiness to fit the life you were told you wanted to live. But the slight pause when you say, “I’m happy,” and the sad, lost look in your eye make it clear; this is not how you had hoped for it to be.

You used to be alright. What happened?

This Is Happening

I stressed about Christmas.

I wanted everything to go perfectly, I wanted it to be just right. I wanted the first Christmas Bonnie and I spent together to be amazing. And in the end, all of the stress was for naught. 

I wrapped it as deceptively and cleverly as possible.
I hid it under the tree.
Her family finished opening all the other presents.
They all went to the kitchen to get food.
I handed it to her.
She looked confused.
She started opening it.
I got on one knee.
Her eyes got wide.
I forgot what I was going to say.
She finished opening it.
I found my words.

She said yes.

Christmas was just fine.

Dexter (Minor Spoilers)

Maybe the “shit got fucked up good” ending of season 4 spoiled me, but season 5’s “everything is okay” ending left me feeling really unsatisfied. :( That scene with Deb unknowingly confronting Dex and Lumen, though, that was powerful stuff. Here’s hoping season 6 is a little more well-balanced.

It’s the little things like this that keep me going. Love you too, Bonnie. :) View high resolution

It’s the little things like this that keep me going. Love you too, Bonnie. :)

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